About Infinity Plus Sinks

The best solution for your dream kitchen, bathroom or laundry

We first entered the plumbing fixture market in 2004. After many years spent supplying Aussie families with top-grade plumbing fixtures, in 2018, we chose to register a trademark which reflects the quality of our products and our superior customer service: “INFINITY PLUS SINKS”, INFINITY designs, PLUS excellent service. That is our trademark.

By using the best raw material in the market, working with professional manufacturer partners, under exacting quality control procedure, we ensure each sink from INFINITY PLUS SINKS is at the top range.

Get Inspired

While making food, drinking, and cleaning your kitchen, instill a new sense of ease in your life.

What we supply


At the heart of every kitchen is the sink. Every unit from INFINITY PLUS Sinks, regardless of style, will be a stunning addition to your kitchen.

Stylish and Durable

We only supply products of superior quality and inspired design. Your kitchen, bathroom and laundry fixtures will be stylish and durable.


A stylish and functional kitchen will make your experience all the more enjoyable. Don’t settle for bland kitchen fixtures.


At Infinity Plus Sinks, we offer variety of material, installation methods and multifunctional accessories, to meet our customers demanding on any kitchens.

Materials Used

Choose the materials you prefer: Modern Granite Style or Premium Stainless Steel

about Quartz Composite Sinks
Quartz Composite Sinks
Contain 80% premium quartz sand and are 9mm in thickness. Timeless and highly practical, INFINITY PLUS Granite Sinks are widely preferred and give your kitchen a bold look.
about Premium Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Sinks
Each stainless steel sink of Infinity Plus Sinks is built from industrial-grade 304 Stainless with flawless satin finishing, for a durable and long-lasting performance.

Installation Method

CHOOSE the installation method from a range of multi-functional accessories. INFINITY PLUS SINKS offers high quality accessories to enhance your cooking experience.
Under-mounted sinks
mounted underneath the bench top and effectively ‘hang’ underneath the counter giving a sleek appearance to the worktop.
Flush-mounted sinks
recess-mounted with the bench top, leaving the sink appearance flush with the bench top with no joints to get in the way.
Drop-in or Inset sinks
dropped into a pre-drilled hole in the bench top, allowing for installation of the full range of sink styles and sizes.