Gold fixtures are the newest fashion in luxury bathrooms and kitchens, but with a contemporary spin. We’re no longer limited to the drab, conventional polished brass! The jewel of yesteryear no longer gleams as brightly as it once did, and the finish from days gone by has been modernised with a variety of designer and ornamental colours and textures, each with its own specialised name.

The gold finish adds a beautiful touch of elegance to any space. From the moment you open the door to the bathroom, you’ll feel like royalty. Our designs are simple, classic lines that fit seamlessly into any home decor. Whether you prefer a contemporary design or something more traditional, there’s a kitchen sink for every taste.

Why Brush Gold Sinks Are Getting Popular?

Gold is also associated with extravagance and elegance. Golden colours had particular prominence in the earlier interior designs since they added a luxurious touch to everything they came into contact with. But, in modern times, the formerly so popular hue has faded in popularity. Its use was restricted to homes with traditional or old themes because the homeowners with developed taste didn’t think it suited their urban lifestyles. As a result, it has become more uncommon in recent years.

The primary cause for such a change of heart for this hue is its brilliant yellow undertones, which refused to blend with the background. In today’s designs, you seek coordination, whether you want a coherent or contrasting mood. That is why it became hard for people to imagine how the concept would work in modern or contemporary designs. This trend of thinking has continued to the present day, with brushed gold being the most recent example. The new collection proved that gold is still prestigious and may be used to complement any design concept. It’s just a question of how you want to see it.

IPS-PVD-6044CL sink model

Brush Gold Sinks Features

This envy-inducing centrepiece will be the centre of attention in any kitchen. It’s not – the exquisite gold finish leaves many speechless. The charm of the sink is its unusual design, which incorporates a feature that has never been seen before. However, the most remarkable thing about it is that we’ve created a sink with a non-washable finish that won’t be washed down the drain over time. Brush gold sink offers both aesthetic appeal and scientific durability, which is not true of other metallic finishes.

Even if they look like the most precious metal on Earth, our magnificent gold sink bowls are also highly durable. You don’t have to be delicate when doing common kitchen activities, therefore you don’t need to be. The surface’s molecules are bonded to the finish, making it up to 15 times harder than normal stainless steel. The stainless steel material is scratch and corrosion-resistant. Your gold sink comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your specific location and style, assuring a perfect match. There’s no need to be fussy about it either.

Brush Cold Sinks Cleaning Guide

If you don’t do your homework before you break out the cleaning products and start scrubbing, understanding how to clean gold faucets and keep them looking new may be a lesson learned a little too late. This cleaning procedure will walk you through a secure and easy method to keep your golden sinks fixtures clean.

To preserve your gold fixtures, harsh chemicals and rough sponges will not suffice. Instead, use a microfiber cloth with a combination of 25 percent white vinegar and 75% water.

Begin by: 

  • Dipping the microfiber cloth into the solution you’ve created
  • Finally, drape the damp cloth over the fixture and leave it for around 15 minutes.
  • Rub it with the same technique until they are clean. (To minimise waste, add more solutions to the microfiber cloth as needed.)
  • When the taps are clean, rinse them with clean water to remove the mixture.
  • Finally, clean with a microfiber cloth to buff dry.


To keep the gold fixtures gleaming, clean them with a microfiber cloth dampened with water after each usage (or at the end of the day) to avoid staining. Finally, dry them off with a clean towel. This will prevent residue from accumulating on the taps.

Wipe the gold faucets clean after each usage, then polish them with a clean towel. Weekly, wash with a mild detergent and water, then dry completely.