Infinity Plus Sinks is home to the greatest variety of Melbourne designer bathroom basins. Our range of sophisticated, elegant basins comes in a variety of designs and is ideal for modern bathroom settings that are both timeless and truly distinctive.

A basin should be a wonderful complement to the bathroom’s existing style. A bathroom basin should provide that extra touch of appeal and sophistication without overpowering the room’s appearance or style. Infinity Plus Sinks has a huge variety of basins to choose from, whether you’re looking for something basic or extra ornate. Our collection of basins is ideal for the contemporary Australian home, available in sizes ranging from tiny to enormous and constructed of a variety of materials. Browse our selection and feel free to come into one of our showrooms.

Designer Basins are Getting Popular

Basin design has changed dramatically over the past years. It used to be filled with ornate features such as fountains and crystal chandeliers that were out of reach for most homeowners. Nowadays, basin designs tend to be simpler, more affordable, and easier to clean. Nowadays, designers are focusing on creating basins that fit into modern bathrooms. They’re using materials that are durable, easy to maintain, and practical.

Designers have extensive knowledge of what the contemporary home requires to produce the finest possible result. Modern, sophisticated homes require elegant but useful designs and materials to complement the property’s overall smooth aestheticism. We’ve developed a reputation for producing some of the finest household items in the nation with this viewpoint in mind. 

Round Countertop Ceramic Vessel Basin 350 Matte Black

Choosing the Correct Designer Basins

Basins are an important element of the bathroom, and among other bathroom items, they are one of the most difficult to choose. Taking a number of variables into account to have an aesthetically attractive, cost-effective, and genuinely purpose-built washbasin is difficult.

The first step in selecting a basin is to identify who will use it. Adults, children, friends, or all three? This is crucial when determining how many basins you’ll need and what shape and material they’ll be made of. If you have the morning rush hour, a double basin may come in useful. An inset or vanity basin.

You must be aware of the many types and categories of basins in order to select the right design for your sanitary ware and bathroom in general.

Countertop basins 

These basins may significantly improve the appearance and feel of your bathroom. Normally, there are two distinct types of countertop basins available. If you’re searching for a stylish and contemporary design, ‘Over the counter’ basins are the way to go! Make sure it’s in a position that makes it simple to get to the sink.

Under-the-counter basins are another viable alternative since they’re easier to clean. Because the basin is built into the counter itself, the rim isn’t visible.

Pedestal basins

Pedestal basins are smaller and have a pedestal that conceals the drainpipe, which adds to bathroom design appeal. You may either get two separate blocks with a pedestal and detachable basin or one unit with a pedestal and detachable basin.

Wall-mounted basins

These basins, often referred to as wall-mounted baths, are positioned inside your bathroom. These basins are smaller in size and weigh significantly less than other types of baths. These basins have ample area beneath them for easy cleaning.

Tabletop basins

The super easy-to-install and thin-rimmed basins have better water retention capacity as well as provide a further Style Points boost in the bathroom. Tabletop basins, which are also known for their minimal water splash and overall greater strength, have several advantages. These types of basins can be simply placed on a table, counter etc.

Semi-recessed basins

Contemporary basins are the best choice for small bathrooms because they need vanity cabinets to store beneath the basin. They’re also excellent for accessing the faucet without getting in the way of the countertop.

You must already have a better understanding of the many sorts of basins available to you. While it is critical to get a basin that is inexpensive, it is also vital to obtain one that is of high quality. Keep in mind that your basin has an impact on the rest of your bathroom’s atmosphere.

When choosing designer basins for your bathroom, consider these things:

  • Size Matters – A properly sized designer bathroom basin is essential. The size should match the needs of the user. For example, if you’re using the basin to bathe your children, then a large bathtub would be ideal.
  • Look for a designer basin with storage
  • Make sure that the designer basin you buy is made of sturdy materials.
  • Choose a model with a large opening, so that it’s easy to fill.
  • Look for models with adjustable drains, which allow you to easily use different sized washers.
  • Look for a model with a separate overflow hole, so you don’t have to worry about water overflowing onto the floor.
  • Buy a Model That Fits Well With Bathroom Décor
  • Choose a designer sink that fits your budget
countertop wash basin

Choosing a proper designer bathroom sink is an important decision. Make sure you research the products thoroughly before purchasing. Above all else, pick the right size for your bathroom. The wrong sink could throw off the entire appearance of your bathroom. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to find a wide variety of stainless steel kitchen sinks, and bathroom basins.

Whether you’re building a brand new house, renovating or simply replacing an old sink, Infinity Plus Sinks are sure to serve you well. They are engineered to fit perfectly into almost any environment, whether it’s a large or small space. All of our quality kitchen sinks are custom made specifically to your requirements. We are aware of the importance of choosing the right sink for your specific usage, therefore our customer service team ensures that each product sold is tested thoroughly prior to delivery.