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GS-11650 Granite Sink

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GS-11650 Premium 1-3/4 Bowls Granite Sink



GS-11650 Premium 1-3/4 Bowls Granite Sink
  • Consists of 80% imported quartz sand, making our sinks ultra durable and scratch resistance.
  • Gently curved corners are easy to clean and offer a stylish look for any kitchens.
  • Stylish Straight Line Modern Design
  • Heavy Duty Heat Resistance
  • Super Durable & Scratch Resistant
  • Hygienic and Food Safe
  • Stain and Dirt Resistant
  • Side waste position allows increased storage space
  • 15mm corner radii allows easy cleaning and largest bowl size
  • Semi pre-drilled tap holes (diameter 35mm)
  • Top mount design
  • Extremely solid – 9mm Thickness
  • Able to installed in either orientation
  • Silk Textured Surface


Additional information

Weight25 kg
Dimensions1250 × 575 × 270 cm

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